Dio - Otherworld
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Dio - Otherworld
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Текст песни Dio - Otherworld
Turn round slowly
Tell us what you see
Oh no, the fly got the spider
And now he's chasing me
Change comes slowly
But this is what you'll be
Somehow it snows in the summer
And the sun is freezing me
Pain comes easy
If pleasure will let go
Oh, I still remember
And this is how I know
Rain falls slowly
Here it cuts you down
Oh no, we're all one another
Oh no, I'm caught in an otherworld
Rainbows and blue skies
Are black and white
Killed in their sleep by the queen
We have forsaken
Beginnings and taken the end, Amen
We've been forsaken
Beginnings and given the end, Amen
Time moves slowly
But here it never ends
Oh, we're all one another
Oh no, I'm caught in an otherworld

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