Rotting Christ - Orders from the Dead (feat. Diamanda Galas)
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Rotting Christ - Orders from the Dead (feat. Diamanda Galas)
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The world is going up in flames
The world is going up in flames
The world is going up in flames
But these flames are not new to our dead
Our dead did cry their final prayer in those flames
Our dead did sing their last lullaby in those flames
Our dead prayed to our infidelity God in those flames
Our dead whispered a last goodbye to their mother in those flames
Της είπα μάνα, μην σκιάζεσαι
Θα γυρίσουμε
Έχε γεια, μάνα!
The world is going up in flames
Our world clawed their children close in
The world is going up in flames
Τα παιδιά μου καλέ!
Μην είδατε τα παιδιά μου; Για όνομα του Θεού!
Ωχ, μου τα πήρανε, και τι να θέλω τη ζωή; Τα παιδιά μου!
Τα παιδιά μου!
Βαζει μια τρεχάλα για την θάλασσα, πέφτει και πνίγεται
Our dead watched their daughters butchered
Raped and beaten in the still-burning of those flames
Our dead watched an ax remove their mother's skull
And crown a wooden spit
In the continuous burning of those flames
Our dead watched while Chrysotomos eyes and tongue were pulled out
Teeth and fingers broken, one by one
In the laughing and the cheering of those flames
Αρπάξανε από την τετράδα μας
του σκίσανε την κοιλιά με μια μαχαιριά
τον βάλανε και βάδισε, κρατώντας τ'άντερά του στα χέρια
Our dead watched their sisters drenched with gasoline
And scream with melting skin
"The world is going up in flames"
The world which is going up in flames
Για όνομα του Χριστού!
Μην μας αφήσετε!
Έχουμε μωρά μαζί μας, έχουμε γερόντους, κορίτσια
Είστε υπεύθυνοι!
Νάυαρχε, νάυαρχε, Φωτιά!
Our dead were dragged in marches
Through the desert sun
For weeks until the sun burned out their lungs
And when the flames turned inside-out their mouths and ripped apart their lips
We heard their final prayer
"Lord God, have mercy, please, upon our souls!"
Μας προδώσανε!
Μας ξεπουλήσανε!
Π'ανάθεμά τους!
Νάυαρχε, τι κάνεις; Νάυαρχε, σώστε μας!
They saw the world is going up in flames
Buried, not yet dead inside the pits
Engraved: "Giaoure, Infideli:
Our God has chosen you to die"
Γονάτισε κάτω!
Και γονατίζει
Και ξεγυμνώνεται
Ανοιχτά τα σκέλια σου!
Και τα ανοίγει
Και χορεύει
Φτύσε την τιμή σου και την πατρίδα σου!
Και φτύνει
Απαρνήσου την πίστη σου!
Και την απαρνιέται
Και την απαρνιέται
And now the unblessed dead have ordered us to say:
This is my grave, my holy bed
You cannot take it
You cannot erase my name
You cannot erase our dead
You cannot erase the dead
Because we have been ordered now
To list their names, their numbers
To give their date of birth, their earthly city
Their father's name, the sweetness of their mother's eyes

But I have orders from the Dead that warn me:
"Do not forget me
My blood will fill the air you breathe forever"
"My deathbird is not dead
He carries all my teeth
My smile of unforgetfulness
My laugh
I am the man unburied
Who cannot sleep in forty pieces!
I am the girl dismembered and unblessed
I am the open mouth that drags your flesh and that can never rest

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