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Stella Mwangi - She Got It
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Stella Mwangi - She Got It
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Текст песни

Yeah the girl got it, I got it, some of them got it, some of them don't,
I got it bad and I'm a tell the world about it
Whether you Asian or European,
American or African
That's African not afri-can't, I tell 'em Yes I can!

Let you know where, where I'm coming from
Get to know me so you can know what I'm going for
Always standing up tall never laying low
Girls like me don't wait for your call, we-
We'll fin our way inn
Walk through no stumbling
If you wonder what's hot what's cooking now
Gotta be beats from Rumblin
And a girl so fly who you kidding
We be up at the top of the building
Elevating up to we on the next level
They wanna know about it so a girl tell them
Ain't suppose to rap cause am a woman
Do the things I do, that takes two man
Oh yes the girl got it (and they wanna know about it)

Tell me bout a girl who you know flyer
Tell me bout a girl who got more fire
I know one I'll pass that by ya
Me! If it ain't you a liar liar
Cause your pants on fire
They don't believe you they won't buy it
Let me be me and do what I do be
Walk in my shoes you'll get too tired
So hey, we don't play
And they agree to what I say
On any day in any way we shine so bright we cannot fade
I'm coming back home, feeling like a heated stove
Some people still don't know (and they wanna know about it)
Bring it back no I ain't done with
Girls like me don't stop to we finish
So hitting on me please don't be silly
Your town too small to get at big city
Yeah yeah, the girl got it
Don't really take too much to spot it
Yeah yeah the girl got it
(And they wanna know about it)

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