Rozzi - Berry
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Rozzi - Berry
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Текст песни Rozzi - Berry
We can smoke a joint and go to the museum
I don't love the high but oh I like the feeling
Need a few lifetimes before I'd think bout leaving
First knew I loved you on Berry Drive oh
Oh oh
Oh oh oh
Got in a nasty fight but you know I wasn't stressin'
Cause I know what I saw way down inside your chest and
Called you my evergreen and everything else
First knew I loved you on Berry Drive
I said I hate how time is passing
So you made it stop
Oh with your hands dancing on me
Till they hit the spot
Now we can't stop laughing in the restaurant
I'll love you like you love me
And hold you like a thought
So when you're far away and need a steady hand
With problems you can't fix, I will understand
I first knew I loved you that day at Berry Drive
But I think I could love you for the rest of my life oh, oh
Oh, oh, oh
Hey yeah, hey

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