Devin - Masochist
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Devin - Masochist
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Текст песни Masochist

Here comes my girl
But in life she just lived and died
96 lives of heartbreak
And they call me november fun
Shall I trust the magic of her tears
Yeah, shes crying from having too much fun
And we hate almost everything
But sadly you can't belong to anyone but you
My baby's so in love with herself
And now im in love with her too
Yeah I aint like them other boys shes sleeping here from and would run in all down her leg under 1, 000 suns
I'd be underground, baby you're the one
And I know this love can't miss
Cause I first had me feeling like a last
A last kiss
Masochist, a-wo-ah-oh
Masochist, a-wo-ah-oh
Masochist, a-wo-ah-oh, a-wo-a-oh
I can never get used to the next man wishing she was his
But it only had me worried
If he turned out to be me
And that aint just the way it is
Now shes goofing off with my best friend
He's only good for a knife in the guts
So we're up all night crying tears shining
Like we just got hit in the face with golden dust
Oh, you lying saying everything will turn out alright
But I fall the day I plan on we still got all night

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