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Meshuggah - Violent Sleep of Reason

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Meshuggah - Violent Sleep of Reason
  • Слушали: 40 раз
  • Размер: 15.69 Mb
  • Длительность: 06:51
  • Качество: 320 Kbps
  • Дата релиза: 02.10.2022
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Клип на песню: Meshuggah - Violent Sleep of Reason (Clip)

Текст песни: Meshuggah - Violent Sleep of Reason (Text, Lyrics)

A systematically applied veil to heedless eyes
Focus deflected, ignore
This is not our war
Bury the abject shame in the same bile as our ideals
The potent lubricant to deceits grinding wheels

The menacing implications
The violent sleep of reason
Betrayal we all help sustain
Humanitarian treason
This deadly inclination
This forfeiture of innocence
Sacrifice of guiltless souls
For our own deliverance

The pain you feel
Indifference thrust into your back
Forged from our ignorance
From our immorality
A parody, this mockery
To no avail you kneel
Before this our insanity

Another life condemned
Your fate sealed the second you came to exist
Your suffering non-essential
For we care not if you subsist

We will all belie
And allusion, any crime
Cower and hide
Any culpability denied

All will imply
It's an illusion, a fallacy
So when you die
Remember we said it's not reality

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